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We are proud to work with a range of amazing people at leading organisations – helping them to be more impactful, productive and happy at work.

I can’t tell you what an impact the course had on me – the importance of actually ‘doing’ and then reflecting in a group is such a powerful way of learning.


I left feeling very inspired and energised. We found the Influencing presentation and the subsequent breakouts to be immensely helpful.


The Emerging Leaders Programme was brilliant


Incredible, amazing and fun...we had the courage to do things on Day 3 we would never have done on Day 1. A milestone in my life.


Thank you for the wonderful sessions! I felt completely different afterwards, and although I was very emotional it has certainly helped me see how I can, by using a story deliver a powerful message.

NaomiSouthampton F.C.

I have been on many courses over my working life and your programme has been by far the best one I've ever attended.


Yesterday was epic. A true pro, exceptionally engaging session, thanks again.


Your session was spectacular. Thanks a million for your support.


Awesome. Truly one of the best development programmes I have ever been on.


Yesterday was a brilliant day. I will 100% be putting myself in front of the camera more often to keep testing myself on this. I have some great takeaways I will be actioning for video calls and in person presentations.

ChrisSouthampton F.C.

I am currently more aware of my actions and how I interact with people...he's a wizard! I will never act the same again, thank you.


Honestly, folks were just blown away by how strong every minute of the day was. You’ve done us a great service to my team and to me as an individual.

PatrinBernard Van Leer Foundation

We’ve thrived under your stewardship... We will never be fully able to articulate the individual and collective impact you’ve had on us.


…still the most impactful training I've ever had…


Thanks for a great day and making us feel uncomfortable, I was shattered when I got home! It’s definitely a hard watch but so much to takeaway from that to help with my development.

CharlieSouthampton F.C.

The coaches did an outstanding job crafting each session individually for the 5 attendees so it felt like each person was getting custom-crafted 1:1 coaching.

AnandCalnex Solutions

Absolutely loved both sessions. Brilliantly run in every aspect from content and delivery through to organisation and timekeeping.

Bill BrowneOmnicom

I really enjoyed dothinkdo’s interactive coaching approach to communications and interaction. I highly recommend this Programme!

Caroline ShearerE.ON

Being pushed out of my comfort zone has definitely taught me to think about things differently and behave differently to achieve a result.

Graciella EspinalOmnicom

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