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Based on cutting-edge behavioural psychology, our strategic decision-making programmes will revolutionise your organisation’s approach to vision and strategy.

How we work with you

We combine proven coaching methods with theatrical techniques to deliver engaging, creative and immersive experiences that are regularly described as ‘powerful’ and ‘inspiring’.

Our strategy programmes are aimed at senior leaders who are responsible for making complex organisational decisions and leading teams to success. We’ve helped companies like Telefonica, Google and Novartis to take their senior leaders to the next level and embed lasting cultural change.

The Ghost of Business Future

An interactive and immersive strategic development experience to take your organisation to the next level.

In-person or online

Are you looking for big, bold objectives that span multiple years? To drive transformative innovation in your organisation? Or would you like to equip your leaders and teams with proven methods and tools to develop a solid and thoughtful business strategy?

Ghost of Business Future is a custom-designed programme to take on your organisation’s specific challenges and goals. Using actors, we will simulate your business environment and transport participants into a variety of near and possible futures to examine the risks and opportunities they might bring. We follow up each immersive experience with intensive facilitated discussion to equip your leaders with the skills to think and act strategically.

Drama is at the centre of our approach. We use real actors to bring specific situations to life in a highly-engaging and impactful way. We then share some practical techniques to bring about lasting behavioural change.

Forum Theatre

In-person or online

There’s no better way for groups to explore attitudes, culture and behaviours than watching a scene and being able to re-direct it as many different ways as they like – just to see what might happen.

In our Forum Theatre programme, we create and play out ‘live action’ scenarios using professional actors, engaging your managers with recognisable business challenges. By watching and transforming the drama, participants analyse, plan and perform together to develop the scenario with more positive outcomes. Our skilled coaches help teams to practise the skills they need in a ‘safe’ environment and then agree on behavioural strategies going forward.

Reveal attitudes in a supportive way, shape and change unconscious bias while unleashing the collective imagination of your people by rewinding time and trying it again in as many creative ways as we have time for.

Acting is at the heart of our coaching methodology. We use actors to bring specific situations to life in an engaging, impactful way. We then teach you practical techniques used by leading actors to bring about lasting behavioural change.

What will you learn?

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the disruptive forces shaping your industry
  • Develop and execute strategies to help your business to achieve its full growth potential
  • Techniques and frameworks for translating strategy into action within the context of current and future horizon planning
  • Leadership strategies for driving organisational change and preparing for the future
  • How to coach teams through change and enhance employee engagement

Incredible, amazing and fun…we had the courage to do things on Day 3 we would never have done on Day 1. A milestone in my life.



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