Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Unconscious bias and developing a diverse workforce

Is your organisation set up to value and encourage different ideas, views and perspectives?

Do your leaders have the skills and knowledge to give everyone a voice and the chance to make things happen?

Based on the latest research in psychology and neuroscience, we’ve developed a unique methodology to help organisations embrace diversity – and thrive in the process.


How we work with you

We deliver serious content in a memorable and entertaining way to encourage and embed long-term learning. Using professionally-trained actors to bring real business situations to life, we help participants understand unconscious bias in a non-judgemental and enlightening way.

We dive into how the subconscious brain can easily make snap judgements about people’s talent or character that are often based on bias about race, gender, sexuality or a person’s background.

We then move from awareness to action by helping attendees to manage their biases, practise new behaviours and connect with colleagues whose experiences are different from theirs.

And this is not a one time ‘training session’ – our expert team will set you on the journey to making long-lasting structural change.

Learning outcomes

Promote diversity in your organisation

Increase inclusivity

Structure your organisation for long-term success

Grow your leaders into
champions of inclusivity

Encourage authenticity and increase employee well-being

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